Friday, January 04, 2008

Still Sleeping it Off

I didn't meet my goal of sending out HAPPY NEW YEAR!'s to everyone by midnight. But I gave it a good shot.

At first I tried to just run in, post the *Happy,* and hit the next blog. Do all the East Coast bloggers first, then midwest, then west. Playing the time zone difference, see?

It didn't last though. Looking at the blogroll, going walkabout. Australia was already a lost cause, timeliness-wise. Those folks are WAY ahead of us.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to NOT read the most recent posts and all the comments on blogs you like, and worse yet, have been missing because you've been so intent on being a Good Paper Chase person? Yikes!

Then I started falling asleep in my nice comfy office chair, computer on, wireless keyboard on my lap. I do that sometimes.

When I woke up again I'd do a few more HAPPY NEW YEARS's/try not to visit too long so you can catch the next one on the blogroll...fall asleep again...

All in all, it was great schmoozy fun. I staggered off to my actual bed and CPAP machine somewhere around 9:30 am.

And slept, and slept, and slept...around 18 hours more, if I remember right.

I think I may have missed a couple of you. If so, please accept my apologies. It wasn't because I don't care!

Now, in various travels to the store or the doc's on Wednesday and Thursday, the 2nd and 3rd, I see everyone here is intent upon getting back to business. Busy busy busy! Phones are ringing off the wall, staff looks a bit harried but intent on their tasks. That lackadaisical holiday feeling is so gone, it's as if it were a distant memory. New Year's? What New Year's?! That is SO last year!

So I, too, will get BUSY BUSY BUSY here, and morph into Git 'er Done mode once again.

Just as soon as my cold-numbed hands and feet will let me.


Doom said...

Awh, you tried. And, I got mine! :) Thanks, and I hope your new year keeps you just as busy, and contented. If you don't get all you plan completed, there is always next year.

You cat people (women) make me chuckle. Be well!

Nancy said...

Keep Well K, finish the important stuff, most of us will still be around when you're done.


Livey said...

hehe I can just see you doing that. Cuz I've seen you do it here too. Fall asleep computer on lap, wake up, type, fall asleep and so on...
You crack me up! Happy New Year to you and Walter! Love ya!

Bane said...

You don't love me any more...sigh.

Oh well, I'm used to that...

k said...


Oh dear.


k said...

Got it, Bane.

It must be New Year's Eve somewhere, huh? Hell, you're so many time zones away, it probably still IS out there.

Nice to see you, too, Doom! I'm glad you like us cat folks. That cat up top is Pico, and he was an excellent sleeper himself.

I have a feeling that this year will be a different one for me. Better in many ways. I had a turning point last year. Things have changed in my life, in a very positive way. It's really nice.

Ah, nancy. You do so much to help me stay sane.

I've reordered my priorities, as you know in some detail (patient lady, you!). And even though I had to cut back on the blog-life end for a bit? It's still way high on my priority list.

I've finished Paperworks #1 and #3, and #2 is almost done. Good progress.

But you know what? You're right on the money with the word, *most.* That means that while my head is buried in paper, I may lose some bloggers that matter to me. I didn't know, until he died, how much I would have loved to read Greg Beck. Talk to him in comments, swap recipies, all that. I feel this terrible sense of loss in never even *meeting* the man, and think of him surprisingly often.

I don't want that to happen again. I know it may, of course. But I don't have to make it easier. It's time to reincorporate the blogging side of my life. That, too, keeps me sane, and contented.

hee hee! Livey, you certainly did. You saw me As I Am. I am a very good sleeper, no? ;-) And a Happy one to you too. This time I made sure it stuck. didn't know you cared! I am touched. Thank you.

GUYK said...

I reckon it would take all night for me to send them pesonal wishes so I just blogged it..and on comments I do say HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR!

k said...


heh! Another one I missed. Glad you stopped by.

This may go on for quite a while. I like that.

prettylady said...

Well, you hit my blog BIG TIME! And you trounced that snarky Anonymous, too. Thank you!

k said...

You're quite welcome! It was fun. Besides, this time I didn't commit any extremely silly Reading Comprehension Errors with which to make a total idjit of myself.

Kinda made up for the last one.

DNR said...

I can just see you sitting at your computer with your keyboard sleeping... too cute.

Happy belated new Year to you!!!