Friday, December 14, 2007

Thank You, Everyone! I Am Still Fine. Not Moping. Not Cleaning.

Please excuse my absence. I'm having one of those OOPS moments.

See, much as I'd rather have my guy here at home, we've lived this way for years and years. I get over the mopes pretty quick. Talking on our cell phones all the time helps. A lot.

This was something entirely different.

I've had a running dispute with Comcast for quite some time. Consequently, I didn't pay that way incorrect cable bill.

So they finally shut off my internet. Not the cable TV. Go figure.

Rather than burden you with all the gory details - this is something most of us suffer through from time to time - I'll just say it looks like it's finally sort of resolved. As a courtesy, they turned my internet service back on for the weekend.

Come Monday, my updated bill will be in their computer. You know. The REAL one, not the $327 balance the jerks said I owe.

However...the legitimate amount will still be a fair chunk of change.

This may mean I'll be briefly off the air again after Monday. We're still a bit short on funds. So if I disappear again for a few days - DON'T WORRY!

I'm just adrift in Comcastland.

We'll be okay. Walter's back at work now, earning money again. Me, I've been working on several things myself. One is scrapping stacks of metals I have hanging around the yard here. That's brought in about $120, yay! and more to come. A few other projects will pay off soon too.

So please do NOT hit that PayPal button! If you do I'll be afraid to grouse about being broke, and I like doing that from time to time.

If everyone is good and behaves themselves, I'll try to cram in as much posting and pix as I can. Just to sort of stock us all up for a little while. You may see my IP racing through your blogs at illegal speeds too.

For now, I'm tired but happy. Back on the air is always nice. Fighting the good fight has wrung me out. It's bedtime.

Sleep well, dear readers. I'll catch up with you quick as can be.


Livey said...

Does your phone work? I've called you! Email me your address please, I wanna send you a Christmas card!

Nancy said...

Zip around and see as many of us as you can dear!

And fight the good fight!

Anonymous said...

...and in answer to your query on my blog, I'm fine too, K.

This last week was back to work for me, even though it's only a couple of weeks t Christmas. Just toooo boring sitting around at home.

I've recovered remarkably well and have plenty of energy but no stamina - all to be expected according to the doc.

Jan said...

k..sorry to hear about your probs with Comcast, but glad that you're getting it resolved, somewhat.

You're always zipping around somewhere, doing something, and the mental picture of you zipping around on the internet gave me a smile! :)

prettylady said...

You will so enjoy this article, then.

Kat said...

oooh, we have comcast too, and i hate them. GR!

Hope all is well soon. :)

Jean said...

You'll win this one and we will be here for you, as always :)

k said...

Well, yes, Livey. It works. Especially if I actually check the messages from time to time, even if Walter IS here and maybe played it already so I don't realize there's a new one on it!... Although I've noticed I'm not the Phone Person I once was. Probably the voice thing. And the hearing thing. Figures.

Me, I don't send Christmas cards, so I don't deserve to get any. That never stops me from enjoying them, though. ;-)

Nancy, you're my fellow *zipper!*

Morris, THANK you. I didn't want to intrude on your convalescence but I was starting to worry. You were the last of the Recent Walking Wounded I hadn't heard back from. And with a quintuple bypass, you got the Gold Star of the Month for Biggest Boo-Boo.

If you were so bored you had to go back to work, you must be doing better.

You have a new life, now. Congratulations, from the bottom of my heart.

Jan, you know, we all have a Comcast somewhere in our lives, don't we? Perhaps it's good for us...?


I shall zip around and mow the suckers down. THAT'S good for us. ;-)

Pretty Lady, I'd read but forgotten that article you linked - I mean, I forgot it was about Comcast. And involving *Triple Play,* no less, one of my own issues. Mona *The Hammer!* That was great! Thank you for reminding me. I may be using some of the information in there. Like We shall see.

Thank you, kat. They are AWFUL. And now with the AT&T merger eating up BellSouth, all horrid heck is breaking loose. ICK!!!

Jean. Even when I disappear for a while, you're always still there for me.

That matters.