Tuesday, December 11, 2007

*Thank You, Pretty Lady! I'm Okay.

But Walter's gone, so I've been moping a bit.

Just after he left, I had a housecleaning fit.

"I'm gonna wash that man right outa my hair..."
--Richard Rodgers & Oscar Hammerstein, from South Pacific

I've never been much of a fan of musicals, but I can relate to those lyrics.


prettylady said...

Whew! Thank you. I must go clean my own house, now. Let us bask in cleanliness and order!

Nancy said...

Cleaning here too..

but we'd like to see the garden, yes we does, my precious..yes we does.

pepektheassassin said...

Glad you're OK, too. I was also beginning to worry....

Cleaning. I clean too, sometimes. But I am the Queen of Disorder.

Will Walter be home for Christmas? If not, what will you do? Celebrate the sound of one hand clapping? (While the other hand is celebrating with goat cheese and pomegranates or something more exotic?) Whatever, I hope your CHristmas is happy!

Desert Cat said...

Ma'am, no more moping. You're making me nervous.

k said...

Okay. A little more cleaning done. Not to excess, of course. All things in moderation, and all.

Nancy, you got 'em.

miss assassin, note the above about moderation. Now: Whether the good man makes it home or not Depends upon Certain Powers. Mostly, those of his superiors at the truck company. They recently merged and things are changing a bit.

Over the holidays, there's not much driving to do. But OTOH, after this long time at home without pay, we could use the money. Plus...Walter has a thing about Christmas. He gets homesick for Europe and family, and he usually does better if he doesn't come back here.

Lately, he's improved on that front. We've had a couple Christmases where he was comfortable here. But I leave it up to him, you know?

So he's asked his new driver manager to look for any long hauls available. If not - he's tired of doing these short relays lately - if no good long relaxing ones are lying about for the plucking, then home he'll be.

If not? kmom has just arrived, and kdad will be here next Wednesday. That will be very nice. I'll probably have a One Hand Clapping sort of day on Christmas itself, but that's fine with me. I enjoy the holidays no matter what.

Plus, Walter told me where he got the goat cheese.

My Pops! Not to worry. I'm fine. But you already know that by now. :-P