Wednesday, December 19, 2007

That was FAST!!!

The excellent niece is the beaming happy new mother of a healthy baby boy, after only 4 hours of labor. (*whew!*)

He's 5# 10 oz., 19" long. Big enough to go home with his mom and dad; they don't need to keep him at the hospital.

A wee tiny precious little kitten.

My own wonderful nephew is now, himself, an uncle. When I asked him how it feels, he said it feels pretty darn good.

While I was talking to kmom, telling her I'd just heard about the birth, she got a call on the other phone from my brother, the new grandad. He told her the baby had arrived, and she said I'd just told her. Then he held the phone up to the baby, who *talked* to kmom - now a great-grandma! She got to hear that baby hollering, and said he has a great pair of lungs.

We are all ecstatic here. This is just,'s the cat's meow.


Dazd said...

Congrats Great Aunt K!!!

k said...


Jean said...

wow! What a wonderful Christmas present. Congratulations!!

Nancy said...

Hooray for a GREAT! Great-Aunt! From another GREAT! Great-Aunt!


Jan said...

Now, that is just the MOST wonderful news, Auntie k!

Congratulations to you all! :)

betsye said...

oh, my...smiles...

i just can't wait for the pictures from 'this' road trip!!!!

auntie 'k' going to see 'her baby'...this is just wonderful!!

my heart is smiling to 'popping stage'!!!


k said...

Thank you, everyone. I've seen his picture now, and he is beautiful. Just beautiful.

betsye, I wish I could take that road trip. But me, I can't be around babies. Despite all the precautions I take to stay sterile, the risk of passing on one of my various infections is just too high. One wrong move, and what I have could kill a baby.

There are many places I can't go. No babies, no pregnant people. Not allowed at Deaconness when Walter had his bypass surgery: his doctor politely, but very firmly, ordered me not to set foot on their premises.

So I'm banned, for a long time. But I already knew that. I can admire him from afar.

Plus, this way no one can hijack me into changing diapers.

Livey said...

Oh how wonderful! Congrats! You are a great, great auntie!