Sunday, January 13, 2008

An Egret Eats Its Snake Snack

Click click! It makes the pix much more clear.

Driving through the neighborhood, I saw this great white egret. If you've never seen one, that's quite a big bird.

It had a snake in its beak. Or maybe a glass snake. If you've never seen one, that's a legless lizard that you'd swear was a snake. Until it blinks.

The snake was about twice as long as its neck. If you've never seen one, that's quite a long neck.

Unfortunately, by the time I backed up the car, got the camera out and turned it on, said snake had mostly disappeared down that long long gullet. I did get a nice shot of a *GULP.*

Sometimes when your dinner squirms a lot, it can put a crick in your neck.
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Nancy said...

Pretty bird... sure beats a pink flamingo in the yard.

Jean said...

heh...Nancy, a real flamingo (as in, not plastic) would be just as pretty, if not more so :)

Very cool, k!
Florida does have some great wildlife.

Nancy said...

Very true Jean, a REAL flamingo would be lovely.

Have you ever seen a roseate spoonbill? Pretty too.

We've a lot of herons, cranes and egrets around here most of the year. You never know what you're going to see.

Desert Cat said...

Yikes, how peculiar that must feel--hoping all the way down that the critter does not manage to get in a nasty bite on the esophagus!

Speaking of wildlife, my parents saw a gigantic black javelina boar in their front yard this morning--way larger than the little piggies they usually spot down there.

Granny J said...

A mighty fine gulp that was!

Leslie said...

That is priceless!

k said...

heh heh!

The Pink Flamingo Issue will never end. The pros and cons, the Plastic vs. Metal Sculpture, Kitsch vs. Fine Art...And that's before we even consider the Real Live Pink Flamingos.

I'm extremely fond of roseate spoonbills, too, BTW. We don't see them often, so when we do, it's a treasure.

Keeping my egrets and herons apart is an ongoing project. I'm not much of a birder. This is far more complicated than you'd think. Memorizing beak and leg colors, juvenile vs. adult plumage...If so many of them weren't white it would be easy!

DC, did you see Granny J's javelina on the roof? THAT was something else! It has the most interesting look on its face.

pepektheassassin said...

OMG, I hope MY dinner never squirms. But these are great pics!

My computer broke two weeks, and now I have a brand new one! (I lost a bunch of stuff, like 200 or so pictures and half a novel I've been working on) but I am hopeful that it can be retrieved somehow by my son's computer wiz friend.

Come on by when you can and see what else I've been working on!

k said...

Oh NO!!! Having the computer down that long is bad enough. But losing THAT MUCH?!? Our shared nightmare, here in the 'sphere.

I'm sending all the healing thoughts I can to whiz friends are excellent people to know.

I'll be by soon, after tomorrow morning. I've been putting everything I have into getting ready for a visit from an inspector. Ten am Thursday.


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