Friday, January 11, 2008

i DID it!!! All by mySELF!!!

So now - please excuse. I'm going to leave some comments and emails unanswered for a while, and not finish my fine big post with pix of the Jury Duty day. Nope. Not yet. I'm gonna decompress in the garden first. (All day, that usually means.)

My gmail went down last night. Right in the middle of an interesting IM with Nancy.

Oh my lord. HORRORS. Can you IMAGINE?!? On top of everything else, gmail's where I write all my posts. Keep my To Do list. Drafts and notes and emails involving the Great Paper Chase. The very long list of medical folks we owe like $7000 to for the bypass and such (provider name, dollar amount, phone #, account #, dated notes on previous conversations...).

And Walter was asleep. Finally, after harrowing days driving on ice and so forth, he was asleep.


I am a MAJOR technophobe PLUS techno-lame-o. I know this stuff is child's play for so many of you.

But me? Oh Lord.

Okay. Deep breath. I sucked it up. Yes. I tried this, that, and the other, poking around, trying to get far enough into gmail to see what went wrong. I finally googled gmail. After several tries I clicked on one that let me into Gmail just far enough to get a Help menu. At the time, gmail thought I was accessing them from a telephone, okay? !!!

I tried what they said about finding cookie preferences under my security stuff. It wasn't there.

I thought. Before, people have walked me through this thing were you clear your cache of temporary files and cookies and stuff. Maybe that would help.

And I called up various mysterious Control Panels and thingies, and prodded here and there again, and somehow or other managed to delete that temporary stuff everyone seems to want to throw away when the computer gets gunked up.

I have NO IDEA which it was that helped, or even how to find the place again.

But I did it. ALL BY MYSELF!!! Walter is STILL asleep and I have my gmail again!!! So I could write this post!!!

OH, I was a GOOD GIRL!!!


Doom said...

It doesn't seem to matter how much I have learned, keeping up on it and figuring each problem out is a pain. I am starting to think there is no fixing things, one just does enough that the systems work together for a little while longer. But you earned nerd status with that! Really, that is all I do and I don't always get it to work. And, I am a big baby about it too, a bit sometimes, even when it ends up working. :)

Congratulations. If you don't like the term nerd, we could scrounge up something else. Egghead is worse, though perhaps tech chick or cyber gal (or girl)? Lots of choices, but nerd seems standard. (nerdhood just means you do something often enough, something sort of technical, that you find need to bother figuring out how to at least keep it running but maybe beyond into how it works... though that gets into eggheadhood... ha)

k said...

doom, I have to tell you, my guy was greatly entertained at the thought of anyone, ever, granting me nerd status, even for a minute.

Me too!

I don't mind any of those terms. That's not the sort of thing I get concerned about. Now, egghead, I've earned that one in maybe eight or ten other fields.

But alas! None of the techy-type ones apply to me, and never will.

However: Please do keep on believing it if you like. You'll get no real argument from me. It just puts you in a Very Special Category that no one else occupies.

Granny J said...

I'm v-e-r-y afraid to clear my cookies & such -- otherwise, each time I go to certain sites, I have to go through hoops to access them!