Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Jury Duty

All my life, I've wanted to sit on a jury.

And every time I got called up for it, my employers nixed the idea.

Often this employer was the Federal Government. So much for promoting civic responsibilities in its employees, huh?

Then, several years ago, I got called again. But it was a bad time of year, allergy-wise. I talked with the administrator and we tried to work out some disability arrangements, but it just never came together.

But now?

It's January. I'm in reasonably good health. I think maybe I can make it. It's probably only for one day.

So I'm going.

*Don't Be Late!* They seem pretty concerned about that part of it. Perhaps they know how I'm just burning to answer those delightful comments in the last post...and the fact that I'm a person who would be late to their own funeral.

I want to be on time for this one. So I must set aside my bloggy desires, and be off.

Yours in Citizenship...



KieKay said...


KieKay said...

(Ooops. This is Pepek again....)

Nancy said...

Scooter! Take it.

Feet...prop up!

Jury Duty: HAVE FUN

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Jury duty. I'm exempt for now. Does that make me a bad person?

prettylady said...

You would be the best juror ever.

Jan said... neat!

I've always wanted to be on a jury, too, and I was called a few years ago, but the judge who was to try the case was still tied up with a huge class settlement case, so it was postponed.

My husband said they didn't know how lucky they were! :)

k said...

Hi, miss assassin! BTW, I love that avatar. Only my Civic Duty could have kept me away from visiting Miss J's new blog. I shall be there asap - which probably means, after a nice nap.

Done, done, and done, Nancy! It was a BLAST zipping around that serious courthouse on my scooter.

No, grasshoppah. When, in the greater scheme of things, our own tiny selves are Officially Remanded, Exempted, UnVolunteered, or so forth from doing that very civic duty we owe that self-same government - I mean, I'm assuming that IS the same government we're talking about here, right? - then no wrong can accrue to us.

We are but eensy-beensy pegs in the vast machinery. No matter how excruciatingly important a peg they insist we are - so very important, we can't go have a little fun sitting on a jury.

Ah, success really IS the best revenge.

pretty lady, you make me blush, and then I just try to ignore it so it will go away. Remind myself to try to live up to it, then duck back under the staircase again.

I'd love to be a juror. I can honestly say, I think I would have been a good one. Perhaps that's why they summarily cut me loose after voir dire. heh! CHICKENS!

Jan, HA! Your man loves you. He respects you, too. Such a fine combination, isn't it?

I'm sorry to hear you missed your chance. Apparently that's the usual thing, from one cause or another. If your place is anything like mine, though, you'll be called again, so maybe you'll have better luck next time.

Kenny said...

I was on a jury once. This guy had raped his daughter. The testimony was heart wrenching. Towards the end of the day the little girl was still on the witness stand and begged her dad to tell the truth. The judge declared a mistrial and the little girl had to go through all again. I did not have fun

Desert Cat said...

I was on a jury twice so far. Unlike a lot of people, I actually look forward to the opportunity.

We nearly deadlocked on the first case, until a quick prayer to the Almighty brought around the two holdouts. The rest of the jurors were agape and had no idea what caused the sudden breakthrough.

I do look forward to the opportunity some future day to employ jury nullification in some case on my favorite topic of dissent.

DNR said...

I’ve always wanted to be on a jury. Some exciting trial of robbery or murder. Been a registered voter for 20+ years now, never been called.

Too bad they don’t have a volunteer line...