Monday, January 07, 2008

I Have Denuded the Orchid Tree

Well. I guess it still looks fairly full.

Or not! But if it doesn't? It will again, and soon.

This is the planting area I'm working on now. I took out a big plumeria and the remaining trunk of a palm tree that didn't make it. I'd swiped that palm tree from elsewhere, and after I'd dug it up, I couldn't bring it back home as soon as I wanted to. It was pretty big and heavy, and lugging it all the way to the chain-link fence, tossing it over, going back to the Saturn, and sneaking behind the big restaurant to tie this ten-foot palm tree up on the scooter carrier took some effort. I had to wait for the right moment.

Unfortunately, the right moment came along a bit too late, and that tree didn't survive. Oh well. Hopefully, it was better than getting bulldozed and chipped, what happened to all its siblings.

Same planting area - I just walked across the front to get a pic from this corner. I love that piece of wood. Next to it are some new snapdragons I just planted. (Thank you, Pops!)

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Pretty Lady said...

I had a dream about your garden last night. It looks really good, both in the photos and in the dream. Lots of healthy new growth, no dead or rotting anything.

Doom said...

You lead an interesting life. I do not know if you mean for some things to be funny, but the whole idea of you pilfering a palm tree, along with the little bits you posted, will no doubt be a mental toy for me for some time. I keep hearing the theme to mission impossible in the background, yet in there somewhere are the looks on some of the hobbits' faces, the one's who had "borrowed" a few items from a local farmer and couldn't understand his aggrievement. Though, I am quite sure, you are correct in your assessments about it being a better choice for the tree, even with the outcome.

Northwoods Woman said...

Oh doom, she's even funnier than she describes herself! She's only like 4 ft tall too!

Oh k, I would love to see a plumeria! Your gardens make me want to move down there! nancy's too!

I'm shoveling snow while you two ladies are gardening!

Desert Cat said...

You need to read the archives Doom. Pilfering condemned botanicals is a hobby of hers.

And now I've got Merry and Pippin associated in my mind with that...:D

Nancy said...

K does not pilfer. She rescues.


It's just that sometimes she rescues plants in a somewhat...unusual... manner. One in which timing is everything.

Resourceful young lady, is our K...

Pretty Lady said...

Well, jeez, k, last night I dreamed we were about to cross a footbridge together, and a big black bear came across it toward us. You pulled your scooter back into a corner, and I climbed a ladder and kicked it when it snapped at me. We both kept a low profile so that the big burly bear hunters who were just up the path would take care of it for us.

What are you doing in so many of my dreams, lately?

KieKay said...

So--somebody else has dreams about you! ;)

BTW, this is Pepek here. I am in the deep south, trying to get warm. At least it's not snowing, and the temp is above nine degrees F.

I just set my friend (Jennie) up with a blog of her own--hoping it might somehow help her when I leave next Monday. She's entirely new to the world of cyberfriendships.

Drop by sometime (since you already sort of know her) and say hello.

Don't work too hard.