Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Pretty Present

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I've been wandering around in a sort of funk, lately. Carl's accident. And, Walter's still out on the road. I may have killed my beloved lignum vitae tree, moving it. Plus...just this sense I've been feeling, that uneasy feeling of a disturbance in the force. Our force, here in the blogosphere.

Friday was payday, so I went about on my errands as usual. I've been way low on energy and it takes me much longer to recover, these days, from a busy day out on errands. All day Saturday I kept falling asleep in my office chair. It's not a disaster, no. But bed is better. Got the CPAP there, all that.

Walter would call me. --Are you asleep in your chair again? --Yes. --Okay. Go to bed now. It's better to sleep in bed if you can. --Okay. I'll go now before I fall asleep here again.

And then I'd wake up hours later, to answer the phone - Walter calling me again as I slept in my office chair...

This morning I woke up in daylight and didn't know what day it was. Monday? I knew I'd finally made it to bed at some dark o'thirty time, after sleeping almost 24 hours in my chair.

No! Still Sunday. Good! I can play in the yard. It's the weekend, I don't have to be responsible today.

All this sleeping business must be why I missed the box.

There was a box, sitting right outside my front door. One of those very interesting looking boxes one gets from time to time...if one is lucky, anyway.

And what was inside this box?

A present!!!

For ME?!?

A beautiful Pretty Lady mug!

I did NOT expect this. I am tickled pink.

Thank you, Nancy!


Jan said...

Awww..that was just the sweetest surprise, wasn't it? :)

You better be careful, sleeping so long in your chair like can't be good for circulation and stuff.

Only once, I did that, after coming home from work at the doctor's office.

I was so tired, and sat down in my chair, just to rest a few minutes, and woke up just in time to get ready for work the next morning. It was like I was unconscious for the whole night, and I woke up, still dressed in my uniform and lab coat, shoes and all! :)

And I wasn't even on any kind of medication like you are, so I can imagine how easy it would be for you to fall asleep when you are super tired.

You're right about the just doesn't feel right, somehow.

American Genius said...

rock on

pepektheassassin said...

I think EVERYBODY'S asleep in their chairs....

Pretty Lady said...

Awwww, Nancy, THANK YOU!

k said...

Jan, that's a story that - excuse me! - it really cracked me up. IT had that perfect ring of familiarity to me, you know?

When I get the sleeps like that, I'm pretty much comatose. It happens around others sometimes - an old friend of Walter's, my nephew visiting here with his sig other, my parents...And when they tell me about it later on, they seem profoundly impressed with the level of unconsciousness I achieve. heh! They'll say, *You didn't ever move. Not one time. For fifteen hours, you never moved a bit.*

I think this new stuff, Lyrica, may be contributing to it. It's definitely worth it overall, but it sure had me woozy at first. NOTHING makes me woozy any more!! The doc said to start slow, one a day for a week then two a day then the full dose, three. I went back and told him, --I see why you said that.

One good thing about this chair business? I finally set up my office chair just right. It's a big leather executive-type armchair. It rocks back. In front of me is a high kitchen-type stool, with a back. That back keeps the big foot pillows from sliding off.

I have a wonderful little warm throw blanket Walter got me, to keep my diabetic tootsies nice and warm.

So I fall asleep, but covered and comfortable, with my feet properly elevated, which is always the #1 priority.

That said - still, I do feel a bit stiffer when I sleep here than when I sleep in bed. Especially if it's a 24-hour run!

american genius, thank you! And welcome.

Pepek, isn't that the truth. Like Jan said, so many of us are just feeling that odd sense of...things just being all out of whack, here in our virtual world.

Pretty Lady, wasn't that GREAT?! I am so very pleased!

AspergantuS said...

Nice cup K... and by the way... your persistant nagging (<--humor) has made me decide to keep the blog, and not shut it down...