Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Drifting In and Out of Consciousness...

Who, Carl? Well, him too. ;-)

They first brought him back to consciousness several days ago. Checking him out, he needed to be awake to answer some questions.

He's doing fine, all things considered. He said he's not in much pain. They aren't hesitant to treat pain in Europe. Not like here, where I got the treat of staying for ten days on the *screamer floor* of North Ridge, when I was in there for Poor Mr. Foot's MRSA abscess in 2004.

If you've been reading here for a while, you know my feelings about pain treatment are very strong. Hearing he's being properly anesthetized after the terrible injuries he suffered is a great comfort to me. No doubt it is to his wife and everyone else, as well.

Today they moved him out of ICU, and put him in a Regular People Hospital Room. Whoopee! That means progress.

They also decided it was time to run him through a pretty extensive series of tests, where they needed him conscious enough to answer questions again. So he was definitely not as comfortable today. But the minute they finished, they medicated him back up. Good.

He's going to be there another 10 days to two weeks, they think. The docs say he's progressing as he should.

Moving out of ICU? Excellent! That looks like Evidence, to me.

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