Wednesday, March 26, 2008

And it WORKED! I DID turn 50!

And I've been sleeping it off ever since.

I've no doubt it's due to the huge local pollen spike taking place lately. But I think I'll go along and blame it on this newly acquired Great Age instead. Even if 50 IS the new 30. ;-)

But Walter is headed home, yay! and that'll liven me up a bit. He's going to spiff up the new car for me. He has all kinds of Plans for it. A bigger battery. Think up the best Scooter Transport for it. Many and divers Car Things that, you know, are very interesting to Car People, and happy mostly in the final usage for people like me.

I now have an official recording of my father singing me *Happy Birthday* on my answering machine, and Pepek singing it to me in comments. heh! I told her I said I could blackmail Dad with it, but he wouldn't mind. That makes it a *Publish and Be Damned!* scenario. Plus he said he has no money to pay the blackmail anyway.

For a Serious Scientist, he can be very silly sometimes. And all those times I sang *Happy Birthday* to HIM over the phone don't have a thing to do with it, I'm sure.

You should see his *I'm a Little Flower* dance. heh!


It doesn't actually feel one bit different. I feel the same age today as I did last Saturday.

But it did occur to me that perhaps I'm now, officially on paper at least, a Certified Grownup.



Omnibus Driver said...

Happy belated birthday!

Nancy said...

I can't wait to see the new car, and how you rig it to carry the scooter!

k said...

Thank you, Leslie! You must be feeling better, at least enough to get around the 'net. Excellent.

Nancy, boy oh BOY do I want to post pix. Unfortunately my lovely little baby is on the fritz. Walter asked me to wait on getting a new camera until he got home. So I will.

And the old one is ready to get packed and sent to Casio to see if the warranty covers whatever repairs the poor thing needs.

Anonymous said...

K, wait till you're over 60. You then can claim to be a card carrying certified old me. :)

Jan said...

k..I guess when I wished you a happy birthday, it didn't publish, which happens a lot with me, lately!


I wish I'd had a bouncing ball, but that will have to do for now! LOL

Love you, Birthday Girl!

Mr. Bud said...

Happy Birthday k.

I'm trying to catch up, but I still got 2 years till I'm a Certified Grownup.

be well girl.

k said...

Morris, where I live, if you say you're an Old Fart when you're only in your sixties, the old folks start throwing things at you and shaking their fingers in your face. (Shame on you, young man!) We're overrun with hale and hearty 80 and 90-year-olds, mowing us down doing Mall Walks.

Jan, I've been losing comments left and right too. Usually when I do I'm too tired to reconstruct them. Probably why I lost them in the first place. ;-)

So thank you for taking the time and trouble to reconstruct that one! And I just ADORE having Happy B-Day sung to me! Maybe when we're Card Carrying Certified Old Farts we'll have finally figured out how to do bouncing red balls.

mr. bud! So you're my younger bro, Bro. Great by me!

And thank you. I had an exceptionally nice birthday this year. And it went on for several days, much to my delight.