Friday, March 14, 2008

Chipper Story for Granny J and Nancy: Part 2

The ficus branches I'm chipping are quite dry now. They've been sitting in the yard since late January. This makes one thing much easier: breaking the wood. When I'm feeding a branch that, well, branches, I just push it on in the branch hopper.

Once it eats the branch to this point, the *y* part just snaps and both smaller branches keep on feeding into the hopper.

It works that way for the bigger ones too.

This branch is about 1" or so. To keep it from jamming, you need to hold it back a bit, so it feeds in a little at a time. If not, it jams. The machine automatically trips its little circuit breaker and shuts down.

The other thing that makes it jam is when the outflow gets clogged. If you keep the chute into the garbage bag free-flowing, it keeps working quite smoothly.

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