Friday, March 14, 2008

Chipper Story for Granny J and Nancy: Part 3

This is the size of chippings I'm getting from the dry ficus. Nice and small! If I put green wood in they're a little bigger. (I use a quarter around the yard to measure stuff because it's just a tiny shiver under 1" in diameter.)

Here are the orchid tree leaf chippings. Not as fine. But if I want them littler, I can just run them through the machine again. Apparently not all home chippers can do that.

Most of the *oversize* branches I had are really just because a branch forked in two. If I'd known when I was chainsawing, I would have cut these a bit differently. No worries, though, I just keep the lopper close by.

Once I cut them in two, I'm within specs again, so I feed the two branches in.

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