Friday, March 14, 2008

Chipper Story for Granny J and Nancy: Part 4

When it jams, you unscrew the side screws. See those big black things with a spring under it? That's them, three of them, and made to be easily unscrewed by hand. This unfastens the hopper assembly from the chipper motor. You can take the whole hopper thing off if you like. Or, you can be lazy like me and just sort of tilt it.

Since you've safely unplugged the thing in order to clear it - plus, it really won't turn on by accident, especially when the top is off - you can reach in and clear the jam by hand.

Or, you can do like me, the lazy way, and squirt some air in with your handy-dandy can of computer air duster. Works great! Does it better and faster, both.

If you want to take the whole thing off, you can look inside its nether regions. Yup, all clear in there.

And so is the leaf hopper.

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