Friday, September 12, 2008

Hey! People! Come ON!

Listen to me. Listen up good.

I've been through...I think it's now 22 hurricanes. I've driven between the trails as I moved from Gainesville to Orlando. Got hurricanes twice in one week in Louisiana. Drove through the eye of Katrina. Live-blogged Wilma as it brought two trees down on the roof and nearly decapitated me with flying glass.

And I'm telling you, Nancy is facing up to a very serious, huge, dangerous hurricane headed straight for Houston tonight. They have complications with water surge that will make things even worse.

Please send her all the prayers, good thoughts, positive energies, and anything and everything else you've got, all right?

This is going to be a long hard night for a lot of people out there. And despite the compassion fatigue and post-Katrina irritation that a lot of Americans have come to feel, no one deserves getting hit with a natural disaster.

No one.


I almost forgot. Nancy's husband 'Pup just came down with an infection, probably staph. Luckily, he was able to get a good shot of antibiotics, and fill a prescription for more, just as they were hunkering down.

Dealing with hurricane preps when you're the kind of sick an infection like that makes a person? Boy, that's really not any fun at all.

I've been IM'ing with her since I got back from taking a little drive. As of around midnight Central time, she started getting off-and-on power outages as the storm approached, and getting knocked offline each time. Last time it happened she said she'd probably power down the computer next time it happened. She went offline again, and it looks like that's the last update we'll have for a while.

She's tired out, but seemed to be in good spirits, all things considered.

Now for the hurry-up-and-wait. Ike will make landfall in another hour or two. After that, it'll take more time for the eye to approach Nancy's area; she's about 100 miles inland.

That sound pretty safe? It isn't.

I'm hoping they makes it through will relatively little damage. Only time will tell.


Pretty Lady said...

I just got an update from my sister, who has several close friends in Houston. One of them is a reporter, and another is an emergency evacuation coordinator. The word on the street is that downtown hasn't lost power, and traffic is flowing smoothly.

Jean said...

Best wishes to Nancy and all our blog friends facing Ike.

...and, belated Happy Birthday wishes to your dear Walter!

k said...

Thanks for that update, Pretty Lady. I just now woke up. It's amazing how well they came through.

Jean, thank you! I just checked over at Nancy's. They got a huge mess, but they're fine otherwise.