Saturday, September 13, 2008

They Made It Through

I just woke up around 8 pm Central. This puts me way behind, hurricane news-wise.

But Pretty Lady let me know that Houston still had power and traffic was moving smoothly. Walter told me earlier, when I woke up just long enough to take my meds, that the damage wasn't as bad as they'd feared.

And just now I checked Nancy's blog, not expecting to see anything new...and found she'd posted! Pix and everything! Wheeeeee!!!

I was pretty sure her power was still off. It went out last night as we were IM'g. It seems it's still off, although she says it tried to come on once. That's an incredibly exciting feeling when you're sitting there with hurricane mess all around, and not sure if it'll be days or weeks before you have power again. It's a tiny but very sweet flicker of hope.

She posted pix of her yard, too. Of course, HOW she did all this is beyond me, your friendly neighborhood technolame-o. Cell phone or something.

Much of her fencing is down, and she's got a huge mess of downed branches and debris that flew in. But an ash tree that a tree-whacker had way over trimmed a few months ago stayed up. She said she's not mad at them any more. heh!

In her neighborhood there are lots of downed trees, lots of debris around. But she only knows of one house that took major damage.

And it's not hers.

Not that I wish it on some innocent bystander, of course. But I'm so very glad it's not hers.

And that Nancy and her husband came through all right.

I am so intensely relieved.

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