Wednesday, December 10, 2008

FABULOUS News! Walter Failed His DOT Physical!

And even better than that: he's found a local disability doctor who has already acknowledged, in writing, that he can't work as a commercial driver.

She's also perfectly willing to say so, and to stand up for him in that onerous process of filing and documenting claims.

Walter's employer, as of a couple days ago, has adamantly refused to reinstate his Worker's Comp claim. They sent the disability insurance paperwork to his new doctor yesterday, so we hope to get it processed soon. Once that's safe, we'll sic our Worker's Comp lawyer on them. What they did is outrageous.

I'll post on the details as soon as I can. And, I'll try to keep you all updated better than I've been.

I'm afraid this series of events knocked the wind out of me. A lot has been going on, and it seemed like the new troubles just wouldn't stop coming. Having a doctor on Walter's side now has settled me down.

I know lots of people are in the same boat these days. I hope they can find a piece of strength to hang on to, like that new doctor for Walter.

Meanwhile, we have no income, and haven't had any for several weeks now. The Nov. 1 mortgage payment was made; my mother, bless her, lent most of it to us. She has no more to spare.

We need to pay around $150 for our meds, and get some food and such. It's hard for me to ask for help. But we need it now, and badly. If any of you can spare even a small amount right now, we would greatly appreciate it.

And I promise you, we'll send it back around to others as soon as we can.


Pretty Lady said...

That IS fantastic news. Sic those lawyers on 'em.

And meanwhile, everybody else--DONATE!!! PayPal accepts credit cards; if the U.S. Government can go hundreds of billions into debt for its citizens, you can charge a few hundred. Go for it! Good karma awaits you!

Anonymous said...

K, I've sent a little your way - what I can afford. Hope it helps.
Make sure your lawyer gives those buggers hell.

Kat said...

Great news! Prayers continuing from here in GA.

I wish I could help you, but we are in teh same boat... lost my job on 10/31 (after being out six weeks for knee surgery and missing one paycheck already, then going back to work on 10/17, only to be laid off along with others on 10/31) and haven't been able to find ANY work yet... already two mortgage payments behind, and not sure how we're gonna make the January payment... :( Scary times, these are...... Sorry I can't help you but you will be in my prayers for sure.