Friday, December 12, 2008

When things are going so hard, I stop and remember why I'm here...

Life is love. It's love that created this beauty, and love that sustains us all. It surrounds me, out here in my yard. My simple plants and flowers, growing and thriving and putting out this incredible graceful joy for us all to behold.

No matter what happens in our lives, nothing can ever take these visions away from us. Until our days are over, we share in all this every single second of our lives. We're part of it too, we're completely and entirely a part of that life force.

I remember to come outside in the midst of all the difficult, urgent, scary issues I must attend to. When I see these plants and flowers I remember what really matters; it gives my strength back to me.

So many of us are living, these days, with serious misfortune. In the midst of that we may have some great good fortune as well. It doesn't get canceled when things get rough.

I see this beauty, it humbles me and makes me profoundly glad. I hope everyone reading this who's having it rough can feel the blessings of their own good fortune too. They're almost always there, those good-fortune bits. Sometimes we have to set aside our pain and grief and fear in order to look for the good that remains. But why not? When things are going badly anyway, what do we have to lose by taking a deep breath and a half hour to forget it all?

Here and there in my life - not often - I've received a sneer or two for this *stop and smell the roses* bit. Well, screw 'em all for that. I'd much rather be in my shoes than theirs. Their roseless shoes, the poor fools. They could be blessed with a wealth of free, sweet beauty, and they choose instead to indulge in valueless games like *Who's the Most Cool?*

Choose sterility, or riches beyond measure? That's an easy answer for me.

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Granny J said...

k, thhat's a reminder that we all need reminding of once in a while. Right now, I am cursing the gods of weather because tomorrow my dotter arrives from Alaska to get a dose of Arizona sunshine -- and we have two big Pacific storms bearing down on us! But my lone nasturtium up against the wall is still blooming, as are the little apricot/purple johnny-jump-ups that the javelina couldn't reach. Your flowers are lovely!

k said...

Oh, Granny J, but that means at least the dotter is coming for the holidays! Or close enough as makes no never-mind. How wonderful!

By the time we left Missouri it was becoming distinctly winterish, and so fast. One day there I was, thinking I'd wait on taking pix of the pretty trees just starting to turn color for fall. Then all of a sudden, hardly any were still green. Then all of a sudden all the leaves were brown and dry and on the ground. AAAUUUGGGHHH!!! And it was 39 degrees out one day! And there was even a little sleet that hit our faces! Me in my flipflops.

Dotter has my great respect for being able to live in Alaska. I'd love to visit there, as my parents did not long ago. I adore the Pacific Northwest, and the rain forest doesn't stop at the Washington border.

But live there?

In winter?

My horror of such cold is boundless.

I bet the dotter - tho surely she hasn't that same aversion to cold - will still enjoy the great difference she'll see at your place. I'm guessing here, but maybe not much is still blooming back in Alaska these days.

Bless those hogs for leaving some flowers behind, even if it wasn't intentional. Johnny jump-ups are among my earliest flower memories, from Arcadia, CA, where I lived until I was 7. The ones I first noticed were the lemon-and-purple kind. Imagine that little child's surprise the first time I saw the apricot/purple ones. :-O !!!!!!!


Nancy said...

K, what are the blue flowers called?

Anonymous said...

This post touched my soul like not many can.

After the amputation I had to "fake it until ya' make it".
It worked.

I live with thankfulness. Thankful for my life, for the problems past and present, for the solutions, for the people and beauty all around me.

And the flowers.


Jean said...

You continue to be an inspiration.

Joyce Ellen Davis said...

A beautiful post, and beautiful photos as well. I do love your beautiful brain and soul....

Be glad you live in Florida. Rejoice that you did not get the foot of snow we got yesterday, with 21 degree temperatures! Be blessed with flowers....

Kat said...