Friday, May 08, 2009


YAY! *Work* is done for the day. The favorite doc is visited, the blood drawn in her clean peaceful office; and it was a nice successful *stick,* three tubes from one little knuckle vein, all on the first try.

Dr C doesn't think I have TB. Her opinions on such matters are extraordinarily accurate, so that's comforting to hear. Way back at the beginning, she said this killer cold Walter and I got was just a good old-fashioned killer cold; and so far, the flu test agrees. She is amazing.

A bronchoscopy, she tells us, is not a horrible procedure any more. Ah, comforting there, too. She talked to Dr S, and she's glad it's being done. It's time.

Whee! *Done for the day* is always a happy state of affairs, isn't it? Now we can go back to Real Life for a while.


Joyce Ellen Davis said...

Glad everything today was taken care of so well--now you have the whole rest of the day for yourself! Glad to hear she thinks TB is not likely. Seems you are on the mend at last! :)

k said...

Oh boy, Joyce, I just LOVE a day like that, one that comes out so nicely. That *take it one day at a time* thing? It's sure easier to do when you can see a nice one in action. Before your very eyes!

Joyce Ellen Davis said...