Saturday, May 09, 2009


I noticed that in my absence, the blogroll got all jammed up. They provided no way I could see to make repairs; the blogroll shown for editing was the old unjumbled one. Worse yet? They suggested I pay $20 for their *no ad* service. ?!? Does this mean the jerks have been running ads on my site without my permission or knowledge?!

I have NEVER run a single ad. I've no problem whatsoever with bloggers who do, or bloggers who write *pay per post* or what have you. This is a private and very individual choice, and I have great respect for our rights as individuals to make those choices, and to remain respectable in the eyes of others when we do. Even if the choice is different from ours.

I do have a real problem with companies who try to trick people into advertising, or doing anything else, without full knowledge and informed consent. There's a name for that trick, and the name is fraud, and it's an act I detest.

So please don't take it personally if you find your blog's link has mysteriously disappeared. I'll do my best to get an updated roll up as soon as I can.


Pretty Lady said...

No ads have ever shown up on your site when I've visited. I think they were just trying to scam you; there's no way they can put ads on without you putting the code on yourself. At least, that's the case with MY blogger accounts. What might have happened is that Blogger changed software since you did your blogroll. I've lost several nifty blog items when that happened.

k said...

That's good news, then. Sometimes lately I've been seeing little banner-type lines up top of people's blogs saying *Why am I seeing this ad?* or so forth, and I wondered if mine did that.

Still, Blogroll messed up enough to make me happy to delete them.

Except...Did I just make my tip jar disappear? argh! There's a *Make Payments with PayPal* line that connects to the PayPal donations page, and it works fine, but where's my jar? Is that the sort of thing that happens when Blogger changes software? Oh dear.

The baby pix are AWESOME!!! The bonding going on is amazing, and it's incredible how evident it is in the photos. The cat pix are entrancing.

There's a wonderful series around the middle where Olivia looks like she's deciding whether she likes broccoli or not.

Stephanie. She is SO beautiful. Such an expressive and intelligent face, especially for one so very young. And what a fabulous head of hair!

I always sort of hold my breath where the fathers come in. Since time out of mind, fathers may not get particularly interested in new babies, especially for the first couple of years.

But Joe and Olivia? My Lord. The way those two connect is absolutely uncanny.

What incredibly lucky people. What breathtaking beauty.

Pretty Lady said...

You're right, he's a natural as a daddy. She charges him up; he comes home exhausted from a long day, and instead of being annoyed by her crying, he brightens up and starts dancing around the room with her.

She had her performance debut last night. Joe did a piece where he projected a video of himself that he made five years ago, of him driving around and ranting about his nonexistent sex life.

While it played, he wandered around on the stage, cleaning up after the previous piece, then at the moment when his former self said, "I want to be the king; I don't want to feel any.....humiliation," I yelled, "Joe, it's time for you to hold the baby!"

So he took her, put her in the sling, continued to clean, danced around, gave her a bottle, and tried to interest her in some intellectual reading, all the while his Old Self continues to complain about not knowing how to buy presents for women. It was ironic, funny and touching. And Olivia's sense of comic timing was perfect. She cried right on cue.

She is amazingly Present for only being a few weeks old. She never really went through a Blob Stage. However, much of the hair is falling out. Hopefully it will grow back thicker. She's already wearing 6-month clothes, and is in the 96th percentile, weight and height-wise for her age group.

That new Blogger software is supposed to make things simpler, but if you had someone take the trouble to write the code for it, like LL did, it can screw everything up. Probably it won't take much to get the tip jar back, however; at least it still has functionality.