Saturday, December 09, 2006

The elevator bank is at the other side of the gargage.

I scooter on...

Posted by Picasa And there they are. Finally!

Here's the view looking back where I just came from.


Cindi said...

I'm tired just looking at those pics! I am sooooo glad you have that scooter now!

k said...

Yes! See, YOU understand what I mean here!

It starts out just being tiring. Then after a few more months or years it's painful. Then way painful. Then...thn, it's not doable. Not possible at all any more.

I've been unable to get to my doctors the way I should. I knew that.

I'm suddenly seeing the scope of it was a lot worse than I allowed myself to think about.

Livey said...

I'm so glad you got your scooter too! It makes me very happy to know you aren't walking anywhere!

k said...

That is some long walk, there. I mean, it makes my feet hurt just looking at the pix, you know?