Sunday, July 08, 2007

The Stuff One Sees, Exploring

Some day I'll probably run across a dead body. It's just that I go exploring in places like this every chance I get. Lots of neat stuff in construction sites and commercial *back yards* and vacant lots and illegal dumps. Illegal dumps are also attractive to murderous body dumpers.

Meaning, sights like this catch my attention.


I've made gloves like this too. Bricklaying. Nothing to do at the end but toss 'em out.

Back to the wildlife...

and, keeping a photo record of everything I swipe out of Livey's merchandise.

Cool welder's helmet on the left. The Christmas tree stand is for holding my epiphytes-on-driftwood creations.


Granny J said...

Same wave-length, k, when it comes to dead things lying around one's path. I especially liked that cement glove. It invites stories, doesn't it?

kdzu said...

The mushroom was really nice and clear. you take good pics. What kinda camera do you use?

imp said...

The mushroom is generally called the "Devils Mushroom". As kiddo's we would find them put them in our palms and squeeze real fast and hard...yellow poof of shroom dust would exsplode forth resembling what we imagined powdered sulfer to look like. Hey we were kids with imagination now!

k said...

granny j, so far in my blog life I haven't told you one tenth of the things we both love to look at, lying around. It's very striking how similar our tastes run, that way.

kdzu, that's my new camera there. I just love it! I hope to post about it soon but we're mostly offline right now. It's a Casio EX-V7.

imp, thanks! That's one heck of a shroom, there. See, when we were kids, we had to entertain ourselves playing with stuff and using our imagination, right? As opposed to playing with computers and electronic games...